Twitter BLOCKS conservative Tweets

A non-profit research organization has been blocked from promoting their twitter posts. The centre for immigration studies (CIS) is a non-profit research group that encourages stricter immigration laws, using different methods to advance their views. They took to twitter to sell their ideology and were denied the opportunity simply because they had the words ‘illegal immigrant ‘in their tweet, which violates twitter protocols
The daily caller puts it clearly:
“twitter has rejected a conservative organization’s request to promote tweets highlighting the harmful effects of immigration ,apparently because using the word “illegal” to refer to immigrants violates the company’s hate speech rules.”
The registered not for profit was rejected thrice when attempting to promote their twitter posts on the impact of illegal immigration.
It is a common marketing strategy to increase the coverage of a twitter post by paying a fee to have it shared to a larger number of twitter users.
On the contrary, twitter’s new advertising guideline prevented the group from advancing their ideology:
“Much to the group’s surprise, all three tweets were rejected on the grounds of “hate”, executive director Mark Krikorian stated.


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