Tucker RIPS Hillary’s Wellesley Commencement Speech “Ready For Hillary to Run Again”

We didn’t really expect Hillary Clinton
to go away did you well she didn’t and
today she delivered a commencement
address at Wellesley College where she
went surprisingly she gave you a dress
herself rather than sending John Podesta
to give it for her it’s our little
election night joke what she said maybe
as well as a it might be considered a
preview for her next run for something
watch we were furious about the past
presidential election
of a man whose presidency would
eventually end in disgrace with his
impeachment for obstruction of justice
after firing the person running the
investigation into him at the Department
of Justice
well of course the other cable stations
loved it so much that almost none of
them have corrected Hillary Clinton by
pointing out that contrary to her claim
Nixon was never actually impeached for
obstruction of justice perhaps she
confused him with her husband who was
but that was on her only shot at Trump
there is a full fledge assault on truth
and reason drumming up rampant fear
about undocumented immigrants Muslims
minorities the poor some are even
denying things we see with our own eyes
like the size of crowd meanwhile the
former candidate also gave an interview
to New York magazine conducted by…. Get Full Conversation

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