Trump revokes over 800 Obama Legislations

President Trump differs from President Obama in a lot of ways.

One of which is that Obama put up stifling regulations that crippled businesses, while president trump is removing them and making better laws.
From Free Beacon
” The White House said Thursday it had withdrawn or removed from active consideration more than 800 proposed regulations that were never finalized during the Obama administration as it works to shrink the federal government’s regulatory footprint.

In a report, the Trump administration said it had withdrawn 469 planned regulatory actions that had been part of the Obama administration’s regulatory agenda published last fall. Officials also reconsidered 391 active regulatory proceedings actions by reclassifying them as long-term or inactive “allowing for further careful review,” the White House said.”

President Trump again shows his dedication to make america great again by creating regulations that support the growth of our economy and boldly removing every other one that is retrogressive.


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