Did Comey Commit a Federal Crime When He Leaked Notes of Trump Meeting to the Media? Legal Expert Says Yes

Jay Sekulow, chief counsel for the American Center for Law and Justice, says that in his legal opinion, former FBI Director James Comey committed a federal crime when he leaked notes — to a friend to give to the New York Times — of his conversations with President Donald Trump. The ACLJ focuses on constitutional more


Could Be Prison Time For Trump-Hating Rosie After Her SICK Islamic Terrorist Secret Gets Out

Loudmouth liberal actress Rosie O’Donnell’s hate for our president is no secret as she spews her despise at every chance she gets. However, she’s now taken that hatred for him even further after her private tie to a terrorist just got out. Now, it’s time for this windbag traitor to serve prison time which would more

John McCain Is Desperately Trying To Stop Trump’s Agenda

Share Tweet The U.S. Senator from the state of Arizona, John McCain has been desperately trying to sabotage President-Elect Donald Trump’s agenda by badmouthing his people. It seems like he is so full of hatred that he can’t think straight. Maybe it is time for him to take his hatred and go away because this more

Reporter Asks Trump If He’d Testify Under Oath Against Comey: “100 Percent”

President Trump told reporters he would “100 percent” be willing to go under oath and give his side of the Comey stories following the former FBI Director’s contentious testimony this week. Trump firmly stood his ground, saying, “I didn’t say that,” in reference to the now-infamous Michael Flynn comments. Here’s a transcript of the full more

Democrats outraged by Trump ban on info requests

By John Bresnahan of Politico Hill Democrats are outraged by a new Trump administration policy to ignore information requests from members and senators unless they come from committee or subcommittee chairs. They argue it’s part of a broader pattern by the White House, designed to make the executive branch less responsive to Congress. And they more

Donald Trump’s Main Reasons For Withdrawing From The Paris Climate Agreements

As you’ve probably already heard, Donald Trump has chosen to exit the Paris climate agreement that would commence in the year 2020. Just to make it clear, Collective Evolution does not deny climate change. We do believe, however, that more factors play into the equation than human activity, and that there is a lot of more

As US military flexes, North Korea marches toward nuclear capability

At this point, the pattern is familiar. One week, North Korea fires off a ballistic missile, then US B-1 bombers stretch their wings over South Korea. The next, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un oversees another missile test, and two US Navy aircraft carriers show their might in waters off the Korean Peninsula. This merry-go-round more

Climate change drama grips the White House

A White House that has railed against leaks was fractured Wednesday by a new one: President Trump’s decision to pull the United States out of the Paris climate agreement. An initial story in Axios, attributed to two sources close to the decision, was immediately contradicted by other administration sources who said Trump was leaning toward more

Kathy Griffin apologizes for Bloody Trump photo

An apologetic Kathy Griffin took to Instagram Tuesday to issue a mea culpa for participating in a photo shoot that featured her holding up a bloody head resembling President Donald Trump.  “I’m a comic,” she said. “I cross the line. I move the line, then I cross it. I went way too far. The image more

Tucker RIPS Hillary’s Wellesley Commencement Speech “Ready For Hillary to Run Again”

We didn’t really expect Hillary Clinton to go away did you well she didn’t and today she delivered a commencement address at Wellesley College where she went surprisingly she gave you a dress herself rather than sending John Podesta to give it for her it’s our little election night joke what she said maybe as more