President Trump Wears American Flag Lapel Instead Of The Group G20 Pin

It’s not uncommon to find ourselves gushing over Melania and Ivanka’s outfits after big events—and G20 has certainly been no exception—but something the President wore on Friday night is actually making headlines for once,

President Trump made good on his “America First” motto with the pin he chose this week.

President Trump stood out on Friday when he chose to wear an American flag pin instead of the G20 pin that the other world leaders wore, that is.
The fashion choice is no accident. President Trump has repeatedly stated that he was elected to be the leader of America -not the entire world- and has routinely warned America of entangling itself in foreign wars and unfair trade deals.

Last month, the President decided to withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Accord because it “unfairly” targeted American businesses and the US economy.

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