GOP Baseball Practice Shooter Identified As 66-Year-Old Bernie Supporter

This morning, the stunning news broke that there had been a shooting at a baseball practice targeting GOP members of Congress.

It is being reported that 50-100 shots were fired and Majority Whip Scalise was shot in the hip but is expected to be OK.

It’s unconscionable that someone could ever carry out an attack like that and it was pretty apparent right away that this was politically motivated.

The shooter has now been identified and it looks like those fears have been confirmed.
This definitely looks political…
From Raw Story:

His Twitter profile shows that Hodgkinson is a left-wing supporter of Bernie Sanders who has also posted several memes on his Facebook page critical of President Donald Trump. He also called Georgia Republican congressional candidate Karen Handel a “b*tch” for saying she didn’t support a living wage during a debate with Democratic rival Jon Ossoff.

Here’s more.

From Mediaite:

Hodgkinson was charged in April 2006 with battery while living in Illinois. Records show that the charges were dropped.

Per a cursory glance at Hodgkinson’s Facebook page, it would appear that he is a fervent Bernie Sanders supporter.
Obviously, we can’t lump all Bernie supporters into this.

But, it’s impossible not to at least wonder about how the media hysteria and rhetoric from celebrities affected this.

The left has normalized violent behavior like we saw from Kathy Griffin, Madonna, the Shakespeare play, etc.

You can’t act crazy like that and then pretend you are totally innocent when crazy people do crazy things.

And again, this guy is crazy. No one is blaming Bernie or all Democrats.

But come on, can we tone it down with all the hate toward the president and his party?

Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and thank God Scalise’s security detail was there to prevent any fatalities.
By Andrew Mark Miller


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