Did Comey Commit a Federal Crime When He Leaked Notes of Trump Meeting to the Media? Legal Expert Says Yes

Jay Sekulow, chief counsel for the American Center for Law and Justice, says that in his legal opinion, former FBI Director James Comey committed a federal crime when he leaked notes — to a friend to give to the New York Times — of his conversations with President Donald Trump. The ACLJ focuses on constitutional law.

Sekulow made the case in Fox News Opinion post:

Comey […] admitted under oath that he leaked privileged documents to a friend to give to reporters at the New York Times. Memos that he had written in the course of his official government duties about privileged conversations with the president. […]

Comey’s admission that he is a leaker also raises serious legal questions. In my view, Comey broke the law […] in this case an FBI record he admits under oath he leaked after being fired.

The famed legal expert reiterated his opinion during a Fox News “Hannity” segment:

“Here’s the real issue. The contents of that memo, the substance of it, anyways, was already reported in the New York Times the day before the president tweeted anything.

And then, Sean, he goes under oath and says, ‘I did this to get a special counsel,’ which by the way, is impaneled the next day!”

Former criminal defense attorney and current Fox News host Gregg Jarrett agreed with Sekulow, suggesting the former chief law enforcement officer of the United States could be in serious legal trouble:

“Comey said these are his personal documents. No they’re not. They’re government property.

Just read the Federal Records Act, the Record Management Act, and the Privacy Act, which is actually published on the FBI website.”

Jarrett referenced U.S. Code 641, which makes it a federal crime to convert and/or convey government property.

Screenshot: YouTube/Fox News

Screenshot: YouTube/Fox News

“That’s punishable by ten years behind bars,” Jarrett said. “I think Comey is actually looking at serious legal jeopardy here, himself.”

NBC News and other media outlets reported that a source close to Trump’s legal team confirmed that lawyer Marc Kasowitz plans to file a complaint with the Justice Department’s Inspector General and the Senate Judiciary Committee over Comey’s admitted leak.

In related news, Fox News host Jeanine Pirro blasted Comey during her opening segment on “Justice With Judge Jeanine” Saturday, calling him a “two-year-old” with “delusions of grandeur.”


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