Canada’s PM Justin Trudeau Praises Donald Trump

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau admits that trump is an awesome leader!

He didn’t quite say that .
But in an event Organised by New York Times and Rotman School Of Management,he commended Trump for being a great listener,

“…a lot of politicians who have a deep, vested interest in being right all the time and therefore close themselves off sometimes to facts or evidence or differing opinions, What I’ve found from this president is he will listen to arguments made. He will look at the ensemble of facts and proposals of impacts you put together, and he will be open to shifting his position… ”
That’s quite surprising ,seeing that Trudeau is A hard line liberal,and even disagrees with some of Trump’s policies.
That wasn’t all as Biz pac Review reported, the PM had a lot more to say about how good a President Trump is
“I have always found that whenever he has made an engagement to me or a commitment to me on the phone or in person, he followed through on that, and that is someone you can work with,” he said.
He discovered what the Liberal media has been trying to hide:Trump is actually a great leader.


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