Body Language Expert Reveals Trump Dominated Meeting With Putin

Media reacted to the first greeting between President Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin with typical liberal media head imploding crazy.

But a body language expert sees it differently

From The Sun:

“Body language expert Judi James claims the US President “nailed” the historic handshake with the Russian leader and proved his superior status with a double-handed fist-pump at the event in Germany.

While speaking with The Sun Online, she said: “If this shake were a prize fight, and it nearly was, I would have awarded a points victory to Trump.”

The double-handed shake is a power move

She added: “The gap was a sure sign of the pressure felt by both men at that moment but as Putin raised an almost wary-looking hand for the shake Trump leaned forward with an outstretched arm and offered his hand palm-up.

“This is an infamous power-trap and Putin had no option but to put his hand into the clamp.

“Once there he suffered an underarm-patting from Trump that made him look like the dominant leader, so much so that Putin responded with a pointed finger, which is the body language equivalent of drawing a weapon.’
James noted that Trump’s win was the more remarkable because Putin is a master at dominating when it comes to handshakes.

In this case, Trump turned the tables with his own ‘power pat.’

Trump was not shy about bringing up Russia’s meddling during the election campaign when he met Putin.

During his speech in Warsaw, Trump had criticized Russia, calling for it to “cease its destabilizing activities in Ukraine and elsewhere, and its support for hostile regimes including Syria and Iran.”

While meeting, Putin and Trump did agree to a cease-fire in southwest Syria the terms of which are not yet clear. But it does show the ability to make progress on issues.

First appeared in Young Cons


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