Comey Confirms President Trump Is Not Under FBI Investigation

During testimony in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee Thursday morning, former FBI Director James Comey will back up President Trump’s statement he is not under FBI investigation and was not during the 2016 presidential election. Comey will make the assertion in his opening statement, which was provided to the public ahead of time by more


Disgusting Hosts On The View Make Twisted Joke About Barron But They Aren’t Laughing Now

It should come as no great shock to anyone who frequents the internet that The View is a far cry from being a conservative view. They prefer to put themselves forth as the authority on everything tolerant and forward thinking, which of course, in their minds, leaves the conservatives in the dust. They’ve taken some more

James Comey testimony: Trump asked me to let Flynn investigation go

“He then said, ‘I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go. He is a good guy. I hope you can let this go,’” Comey said in remarks posted on the website of the Senate intelligence committee. “I replied only that ‘he is a good guy.’ (In fact, more

U.S. lawmakers press intelligence chiefs on Russia ahead of Comey hearing

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Former FBI director James Comey accused U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday of trying to get him to water down the bureau’s investigation into Russia’s alleged interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Trump asked Comey to drop an investigation of former national security adviser Michael Flynn as part of the Federal more


Prison might be inevitable this time around  Yes, it’s on! Nearly five months after the election, Hillary Clinton is finally being investigated by Congress for pay-for-play, while she was Secretary of State. It is believed that Clinton may have thwarted a Bangladesh government corruption investigation against Muhammad Yunus, in exchange for large donations to the Clinton more


President Donald Trump on Monday morning accused Democrats of obstructionism for “taking forever to approve my people, including Ambassadors.” The one problem with Trump’s tweet? After taking the unusual step of ordering politically appointed ambassadors to leave their overseas posts by Inauguration Day ― Jan. 20 ― he has sent only a handful of ambassadorial nominations more


Putin Hints JFK Was Murdered By The “Deep State” Which Is Now After Trump And Russia ​In Megyn Kelly’s much anticipated interview with Vladimir Putin for her debut episode of NBC’s “Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly”, the Russian President said he never met Donald Trump during his business trips to Russia (including Trump’s 2013 visit more

Assange make a promise: He will reveal evidence for Trump to put Hilary in prison

Julian Assange and Wikileaks reacted to the news that the Trump Administration may not take action against Hillary Clinton. They make promise to take action of their own. In a letter hand-delivered from the Ecuadorian Embassy to The Daily Mirror, Assange revealed that he and his team have been prepared for this very thing. It more


The WikiLeaks whistleblowing website released yet another batch of CIA classified documents from the so-called Vault 7 project, which has become the 10th publication of the agency’s files dedicated to the hacking tools reportedly used by the intelligence service. WikiLeaks publishes documents from the “Pandemic” project of the CIA, a persistent implant for Microsoft Windows more

Nunes-led House Intelligence Committee asked for ‘unmaskings’ of Americans

DEVIN NUNES RUSSIA PROBE The Republican-controlled House Intelligence Committee asked U.S. spy agencies late last year to reveal the names of U.S. individuals or organizations contained in classified intelligence on Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election, engaging in the same practice that President Trump has accused the Obama administration of abusing, current and former officials more


President Donald Trump’s Twitter feed – packed with more than 35,000 time-stamped missives dating to 2009 – offers a treasure trove of evidence for Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his growing team of investigators, according to lawyers and veterans of past White House scandals. Like emails, handwritten notes or transcribed Oval Office conversations, the @realdonaldtrump more


Hill Democrats are outraged by a new Trump administration policy to ignore information requests from members and senators unless they come from committee or subcommittee chairs. They argue it’s part of a broader pattern by the White House, designed to make the executive branch less responsive to Congress. And they say it effectively locks them more


With President Donald Trump, decisions are often served with a side of drama. From the White House Rose Garden, Trump revealed his plans for the United States to leave the Paris climate change accord, a long-awaited announcement he had put off until after his first international trip. Building the suspense, some White House officials floated more